5 Ways To Flourish and Fake Your Way Through New Year’s Eve Nips

New Year's Eve. A day that ranks right up there for a lot of things; among them, the day we hold a glass for perhaps the most consecutive hours. 

At a typical New Year’s Eve party, there are drinks before dinner, during dinner, after dinner. Then, there’s the sipping and swirling waiting for the big ball drop. 

We should all get hand cramps. But, instead, we get a six-hour sugar infusion.

Resolve to outsmart sugar this New Year’s Eve. Here’s how:

  1. Ice. Ice. Baby. Every New Year’s Eve party has an ice bucket. Use it wisely. Ice waters down sugary anything. When your glass runs low, add a few cubes and call it a refill. That will steer off that guy who keeps coming around to “top you off.” Hosting? Freeze up some infused cubes. Try mint leaves, orange zest, lime juice, or edible flowers (if you’re feeling extra fancy). Add to seltzer. It’s a party.
  2. The other bubbly. Seltzer is the unsung hero of the beverage community. It’s refreshing and pretty to look at. Kind of like champagne — without the 5.3 grams of sugar per glass (dry champagne). Add fresh or frozen fruit. Buy a naturally flavored seltzer. Or add your own essence — lemon or lime juice, for example.
  3. Fancify your glass. It doesn’t take a sweet drink to make you feel festive. Add fun to the glass itself by accessorizing it. Bling it out with gold sprinkles around the rim. Drop some pomegranate seeds in a glass of low-sugar champagne (look for “dry” champagnes). Or give your guests wine charms to make the glass itself a celebration, no matter what is in it.
  4. Make mine a tall. A Cornell University study found that people overpour into short, squat glasses by 20 to 30 percent, compared with tall, thin glasses — probably because of the vertical-horizontal optical illusion. So choose tall glass for obligatory toasts and short, squat glasses full of ice water (with lemon or pretty pomegranate seeds) to feel as festive as the rest of ‘em.
  5. Kids corner. Got little ones coming to your New Year’s event? Soda and juice can sure make “cute” crash fast. So try these low-sugar little-person-friendly formulas:
    • Add fruit to water or seltzer. Frozen grapes are a hit. Fruit makes for a curious quaff kids will want to repeat at home.
    • Dress up small water bottles with kids’ names on them. Kids love to see their names on things. 
    • Add a drop of color. Natural food color is available at health food stores. Or you can try a dash of colored sprinkles. A few grains add negligible amounts of sugar. Perish the thought? Pop in a few frozen wild blueberries.

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