A Party Without Sugary Drinks – Just as Sweet

For many kids, parties are a sugar extravaganza. From cake and ice cream to candy-filled goody bags, sweet treats often rule the day. And do you know another major source of sugar at a birthday celebration? You guessed it, sugary drinks. According to KidsHealth.org, one 12-ounce serving of a carbonated sweetened soft drink contains the equivalent of 10 teaspoons of sugar – that’s like eating a second slice of birthday cake!

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The Better Beverage Team: Hitting the Streets in Howard County

We wanted to show you firsthand how easy (and tasty) it can be to make healthier beverage choices for you and your family. We wanted to bring the Unsweetened campaign to you at the places where you’re spending your summer days. Enter the Better Beverage Team.

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Days at the Pool

  • Friday, July 26, 2013
  • HocoUnsweetened
Summer for my family is great. We wake up, eat breakfast and head out to the pool. We enjoy our day swimming, meeting up with friends and picnicking. Taking the family swimming for the day seems like a fun and healthy choice; time outdoors and great exercise. But in my kids’ minds, “the pool” seemed to be synonymous with popsicles and sports drinks. Here's how I made pool time less about sugar and more about the sun!

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